Deciding to remodel your home is a big undertaking, and one that you want to make sure you do right.  There are a lot of aspects to take into consideration whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, redesigning your home’s layout or adding onto your home.

We have been covering all viewpoints and types of remodeling projects for just about 30 years and really enjoy helping people make their visions a reality!  There may be questions that you have such as, “Where do I start?” or, “What would be the best way to add an extra room onto the back of our house?”  Really, there are all kinds of questions that you may have, which we are willing to answer!

Our website is still in progress, but we do have some data there that could be very helpful to you regarding your specific project.  You can visit it at – www.dixonremodeling.com.  If your question is not answered there then you can always call us at 503-768-4741 or email us at kathy@dixonremodeling.com.

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We can see it coming.  Pretty soon the rainy, wet weather will subside and out will come the sun, which makes way for all those home remodeling projects you’ve been looking at doing.  This would include things which are much harder to do when it’s raining, such as Additions onto your home or Second-Story Additions, Roofing Projects, Dormers (to give you much more space in various rooms of your home), etc.

We all know the situation with the economy and the banks is kind of tight, in terms of getting loans or financing for your home remodeling projects.  For some helpful information on getting loans, or to answer some questions you might have, you can visit the Finances page on our website by going to – www.dixonremodeling.com/Finance.

Also, if you would like someone to come to your home and go over all of your different options then we can do that as well!  We offer Free Estimates and our estimator has over 25 years of experience in the residential remodeling field, so he will be able to give you the best options, depending on your home remodeling needs.

You can find all of our contact information on our website at – www.dixonremodeling.com/Contact Us – or you can give us a call at 503-768-4741.

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We’re very excited to be up and running on Twitter, so we can be in touch with all of you.  You can follow us by going to – www.twitter.com/DixonRemodeling – and our Twitter name is @DixonRemodeling.

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That’s right!  We have our own Facebook Page, which we will be adding photos and data to over the next few months.  become a fan and follow us as we upload photos of our work done, news about the company and crew, future plans and more!

We are excited to start interacting with others in our community, especially if you are looking at remodeling any part of your home.  You can ask us questions, set up estimates or just find out who we are and we are always happy to hear from you.

To become a fan of our Facebook Page go to – www.facebook.com/dixonremodeling

Can’t wait to start hearing from you!

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Portland homes have some of the greatest character, which makes them so fun to remodel!  We really enjoy, and take pride in being able to go into a house that’s 75-100 years old and completely upgrade it, while keeping the old character and elegance of the home intact.  We have been doing this in the Portland Metro Area since 1983 and have enjoyed every year.

So, if you have an older home that you are looking at remodeling, but don’t want it to look like every other remodeled home then we want to help you out!  We can consult with you every step of the way on the best methods for you to upgrade vital safety and comfort points of your home, while maintaining its general integrity and character.

You can see our contact information, as well as our website link in the upper corner of this blog, so schedule your free consultation today!

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I wanted to make a post which showcases a bit of Dixon Remodeling’s recent work.  Below is a slideshow of a recent Attic Conversion job we did for one of our customers!  We made the space livable, made room for and put in two bathrooms and made sure there was plenty of light!  Click the link below to look at the slideshow on Flickr.

Dixon Remodeling’s Attic Conversion

We always like to hear what others think, so let us know!

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Hello from all of us at Dixon Remodeling!

We want to welcome you to our Blog, show you our website and let you know a bit about who we are and what we do!  We have been an established Remodeling company in Portland, Oregon since 1983, so we have years of experience in all aspects of remodeling.  If you are looking at adding on to your home with a First or Second Story Addition we can help you every step of the way.  Other services we are proficient in are Kitchens, Bathrooms, Finished Basements, Attic Conversions, Dormers and anything else that would fall under General Remodeling!

You can find out more information about us, and see some of our work, on our website, which is – www.dixonremodeling.com!  Take a look at it and let us know what you think.

We believe in, and strive toward, delivering superlative service to each and every one of our customers, because we understand that deciding to remodel your home is a big step and it should be done the way that you want it!

~ Dixon Remodeling & Restoration